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Monday Motivation

Michael Jordan is considered by many the greatest basketball player of all time. One thing about his game that is not often mentioned was his work ethic. When he was on the 1992 Dream Team, the US Olympic team featuring an all-star roster of the best players in the game, he was the best of the best. One of his teammates was discussing how back then, he remembered Michael as being the first in the gym for practice and the last to leave. He failed many times in his career - but always picked himself up, and worked to make himself better.

Competition is part of our lives - it can define us and drive us to succeed. Failure is inevitable on the road to success. What you need to realize is that how much you work to succeed and how you respond to failure is entirely up to you. So when the clock is ticking and the last shot to win is at hand, are you asking for the ball?

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