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Monday Motivation

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

I was taking a long walk on Saturday to clear my head and got to thinking about the third Rocky movie.

In the beginning of the movie, Rocky is the champion - and living a pretty good life with little challenges to his title, and a lot of distractions. He was not having to work that hard.

Then Clubber Lang (Mr. T) shows up and beats a completely unprepared Rocky senseless. Let's face it, if he won every match, the movie would be boring.

When he is feeling lost and worthless, former rival Apollo Creed steps in to help train Rocky and regain not only his title, but the "Eye of the Tiger" - the grit, drive, and hunger to be the best. The training montage is brilliant - with Rocky working like he's never done before to get in the best fighting shape of his life.

(Spoiler alert) He wins the rematch and along the way forges a deep friendship with Apollo.

There is a parallel to 2020 so far. We came rolling into the new decade with a record-breaking stock market, full employment, and buckets of wonderful distractions. Then the pandemic came along and knocked us on our ass.

Well, champ, it's time to get off the mat and get to work. It's time to start training. The biggest fight of your career is now.

If you have an Apollo in your life, call them up - if you need a trainer or coach, let us know. We can help.

Let's go.

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