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Monday Motivation

Back to school season is upon us. As a kid, I was always excited for the new school year to start. To learn new things, to move forward, to progress. I was always curious about how the world works.

(I still am.)

Although kids might disagree, they have it easy. Their "job" is to learn. They spend most of their days doing it. It is a normal and expected process that unfolds in a mostly-predictable fashion.

School also comes with frequent and predictable milestones. Moving up a grade, starting a new class, one unit building on another.

At some point in our life, for many when we finish our formal education, learning takes a backseat to doing. We do our work. We do our job. We might have some training classes on how to do our jobs or it might be learning by doing.

The milestones can become more and more infrequent. Promotions or new projects can blend into the the fabric of doing the same thing day after day.

Rarely will your boss come to you and assign you new a new skill to learn. Human Resources won't do it. Just as our success a careers are up to us, so is learning. Learning can be as simple as watching a YouTube video to get better at Excel or as complex as going back to school to learn a new trade or advanced degree.

It can get hard if nobody is pushing you to learn new things. It can be even harder if your job pushes back - knowing you will leave for better opportunities eventually. No matter, you are the author of your own story - not your boss.

I have many examples: The truck driver who went to night school to become a nurse. The bank teller who talk herself to code and became the company webmaster. The physician who got advanced training in holistic medicine and is now helping patients that other doctors were unsuccessful treating.

Besides career advancement, learning new things is a big part of living a full life - it can keep our horizons expanding, instead of contracting to the wake-work-eat-sleep-repeat routine that grinds so many down.

Onward. Forward. Riveting.

PS: bet you can smell this picture.

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