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We are a Veteran-owned recruiting and consulting company based out of Charlotte, North Carolina in the US. 

Our business is to connect exceptional talent with exceptional teams.  We take our work very seriously so take a minute to get to know us and let us know when you are ready to take the first step towards a rewarding future.   

Welcome to
The Rivet Group

Business Meeting

Your organization can have the best vision in the world, but without the right team in place to execute that vision, life gets pretty hard.   You can end up chasing chaos, instead of running the business. 

When you have the right team in place, suddenly the it's like you are playing the game with cheat codes...and that's where we come in.

Hidden in every org chart are the handful of people who get things done and make things happen.  They are the people who solve problems, go the extra mile, and make the people around them better.  They are the people you and everyone else go to when they need help or to get something done right, right away.

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Maybe it's Marie in Marketing, Steve in Finance, or Carly out on the warehouse floor.     


They are often not the most visible or the loudest people on the team, but their impact on the organization extends well beyond the scope of their job description.

They are the rivets that hold everything together.  These are the people we seek to connect to the right organization.  

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What We Offer

Contingent and retained recruiting on behalf of organizations across the United States and globally for ex-patriot positions.

We partner with companies to build the a culture that attracts the best talent in the market.  From start-ups building their first teams to global companies managing change in a fast-changing world.   We also have a broad network of experts we can   refer to you, whether it's organizational or leadership development, team dynamics, process improvement or interim or fractional executives like CHRO's and CFO's.

Sometimes organizations need to operate with a leaner team to keep moving forward.  When it is time to reduce your workforce, our career transition services are available for employers to help displaced employees find meaningful work as quickly and effectively as possible.  

Every one of the world's greatest athletes have coaches that keep them at the top of their game.  Professionals should not be any different.  From personality assessments, job search advice, career counseling and training, we offer a broad array of services for professionals to build a great career.

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