Executive Search Services

Professionals in a meeting

Recruiting is at the heart of what we do.  We take our work very seriously.  As if the fate of our clients depends on us - because it does. 


Our goal is to place exceptional people into the right positions with the right companies.  When everything is a fit - everyone wins.

Who, What, and Where

We place direct-hire leadership and individual contributor and specialist roles in operations management, supply chain, logistics, human resources, and finance & accounting.  

We also place leadership roles in IT, Engineering, Sales, & Marketing.

Our geographic reach is primarily in the United States - with the occasional ex-patriot role globally.  

Our Process

A well-executed search means that everything is in balance - what the company needs done and is what the best-fit candidate can do and is looking for.  We leverage our expertise and experience to make this happen


Job Seekers

Whether actively searching for a new role or passively waiting for the right opportunity to present itself, we get to know the professionals we work with. We learn where they have come from and where they want their career to go. 


We strive to connect them to career-building opportunities that are in alignment with their strengths, experience, and desires. 



We get to know our clients in order to help them recruit the right talent.

We help define and refine what the right candidate will look like and how they will fit into their organization and culture and budget. 


We then match that with a slate of qualified candidates that we build based on our network of professionals. 


We actively manage the process from beginning to onboarding to get the best candidate on the market in the shortest possible time.  

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