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Recruiting Services

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Recruiting is at the heart of what we do.  We are experts in making the process as easy as possible - to hire the right people to help your organization thrive into the future.  


We treat our work as if the fate of our clients depends on us getting it right - because it does. 

We fulfill both leadership and individual contributor/specialist roles in operations management, supply chain, logistics, human resources, finance and accounting, and sales.  

We can also help fulfill leadership roles in customer service, IT, engineering, sales, maintenance, field service, and marketing.

We can also "think outside the box" - if you have a unique role you are looking to hire for your team, we are open to a discussion.  (We have successfully completed many "unicorn hunts" for clients.)

Our geographic reach is primarily in the United States - with the occasional ex-patriot role globally.  We are based in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Engaged searches result in successful hiring


Average faster hire times than organic recruiting efforts


Candidates successfully placed across dozens of industries and disciplines.

Our Search Process

A well-executed search means there is a balance between the organization looking to hire and what the best-fit candidate for the job wants next in their career.


We leverage our expertise and experience to make this happen.

How we can help:

Recruitment Planning

Whether you need to hire immediately, are conducting a confidential search, are planning for succession or pending retirements, or are hiring for an upcoming project, promotion, or expansion, we can help build a plan of action that meets your needs, budget, and timeline.


When you are ready to hire for your team, we will work collaboratively between your Human Resources team and hiring managers to define who would be the best candidate to be successful in your open role.  We will build a hiring plan that meets your needs together.

Interviews and Offers

We guide you through the interview process to quickly identify the best candidates with the goal to get an offer accepted in the most efficient way possible.  

Strategy Development

There is a competition for top talent that will only be getting more challenging with each passing year.  We can help position your organization as an employer of choice in the marketplace.  We can teach strategies to tap into often-overlooked pools of expertise and get you laser-focused on recruiting and retaining the best talent in the market.


Once a hiring plan is determined, we cast a wide net from a variety of sources to find the best candidates that meet your organization's needs.  We then curate a list of the top candidates to present to the HR and hiring manager. 

Onboarding and Follow Up

After a candidate has accepted an offer, we work to streamline the pre-employment process, identify and address any concerns, and provide guidance to their new team how to onboard them quickly.

Once they have started their new role, we continue communicating with the candidate and their new team to make sure they are getting the job done the way you hoped they would.

Ready to learn more?

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