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Every organization will succeed for fail based on who they have on their team.  They need the right people to realize their vision to reality, to accomplish the mission every day.

To do this, they need to build the culture that attracts the best talent on the market, puts them into the right roles, trains them for success, and retains them for the long haul.  

Our consulting projects vary in scope and subject - but involve how organizations can compete with the best team they can field.  From who they hire, how they are trained, led, rewarded, and developed for the future.  

Here are some recent projects we have worked on:

Military Employer of Choice

A brand-name financial services company was seeking to become an employer of choice for military candidates.   We worked to build their marketing and recruiting strategy and trained their talent acquisition team how to best recruit military talent and which kind of military candidate to focus on.  

Leadership Training

An employer was experiencing high turnover in their front-line supervisors which was causing service and productivity issues.  We identified gaps in their training curriculum for supervisors, built and conducted offsite training.

Strengths Assessments

As part of an high-potential employee development initiative at a non-profit, we conducted personalty assessments for their cadre and performed one-on-one feedback as well as made career planning recommendations to the leadership team.   

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