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Coaching and Training

Business Meeting

We know that sometimes people need more help figuring out their next career move than just sending over a resume.  For those people, we can help coach them through the job-seeking wilderness.

Our career coaching team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to individuals and teams.  From something as simple as help with a resume or practice interview to navigating a mid-life career crisis, we are here to help.  

Examples of recent clients:

  • A stay-at-home mom returning to the workforce

  • A recent college graduate looking for their first job

  • An early career executive debating going to graduate school

  • A retired executive looking for a meaningful third act for their career

  • A career Navy SEAL looking to start their civilian career

  • An executive needing help to successfully get past an interview with a Private Equity Board

  • A young professional having a "quarter life crisis" looking to pivot into a more enjoyable career path

Our process starts with a conversation to learn what's on your mind.  If we can help, you will be paired with the right coach to get you started.  They will help you formulate a plan, and hold you accountable for getting to where you want to go.  Pricing will vary by what help you need, which we can discuss once we know what's on your mind.

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