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The Full Story

My name is Ed Voelsing.  I grew up in the mountains of Colorado and went to college at Notre Dame in Indiana.  After graduating, I served as a Naval Officer on a destroyer forward-deployed in Japan.  I was able to lead diverse teams of professionals and learn how to be a "leaders eat last" servant-leader.   After transitioning to the civilian sector, I worked as an operations manager for a global shipping company and a Fortune 100 retail company - leading teams, solving problems,  and generally keeping things moving.


As is the case with many professional recruiters, I found my way into recruiting by accident - never thinking it would lead to a career.  Twenty-plus years later, I'm still here.

A photo of Ed Voelsing

While I might be an accidental recruiter, I started The Rivet Group with purpose and intention.  While recruiting can be a "numbers game" - throwing candidates against open jobs hoping something will stick - I don't see it the same way.  

Hiring the right person can make all the difference between being good or great.  From success or failure.   For the individual, landing the right role at the right time in their career can change the trajectory of their life for the better.  I take this very seriously.

I might not have all the answers, but I love to learn how people and organizations are put together and finding solutions for my clients.  I try to operate with competence and integrity at the same time - a rare thing sometimes.

If you'd like to discuss working together, I'd like to hear from you.  

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