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Remembering a Hero

I’d like to think that with adversity comes the truth about someone – how they respond shows their true character. One of my personal heroes passed away suddenly at the age of 39 this week. Dale Beatty was wounded in Iraq in 2004, losing both his legs below the knee. Dale and his friend John, also wounded in the same HUMVEE in Iraq, started non-profit called Purple Heart Homes. Their mission is to assist Veterans with housing challenges – primarily disabled Veterans who would like to age in place and renovating their house to make it more accessible.

I first met Dale when I invited him to speak at a Veteran Networking luncheon I host. Dale always had a wry and ready smile, an affable presence, and passion for his work. What I think is most remarkable about him is while he was a disabled Veteran, he did not let that define him. Instead, he used it to fuel his passion for helping other Veterans.

He saw a need, and tried his best to be the solution. Turning your passion into action is an ideal we should all strive for.

While I am heartbroken for Dale’s family and the team at Purple Heart Homes, I am confident his legacy will continue and hopefully inspire others to action. To see a problem and be the solution. While his life was far too short, it was a life well lived. RIP, Dale, we’ll take the watch from here.

If you’d like to help continue Dale’s legacy, you can donate here.

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