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Monday Motivation

The next few weeks are where New Year's Resolutions usually die a slow death. Change is difficult. Changing yourself more so. Many fail because they try to do everything all at once. Many fail because they simply don't commit fully. Once they fail, they give up until the balance between the status quo and frustration with it are out of alignment again, months or years down the road.

If this is YOUR YEAR, the year you look back on in twenty years fondly as the year when everything changed, then there is no time to waste. Plan for success, not failure. Adapt when things don't go according to plan. Hold yourself accountable. Get a team of people who can support you - whatever your goals. Losing weight. Finishing your degree. Quitting smoking. Building your network. Getting a better job. Buying your first house. Whatever your goals, you can do this. #Riveting.

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