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Enjoy your Harvest

Societies have always celebrated the fall harvest - the bounty of their often back-breaking work. A celebration of the success and survival - living through another year.

It's a blessing that we're not subsistence farmers anymore, where so many conditions be just right to avoid hunger, and maybe have a little left over to trade for things to make life easier. A year's worth of work coming to fruit over just a few weeks.

For many of us, we don't have the seasonal ebb and flow that a farmer has. Our work just keeps coming. And coming. And coming. One project is barely in the rearview mirror before we launch ourselves into the next one.

Maybe your organization is having the best year ever. Maybe you are just trying to survive another day. Big accomplishments or small, for your sake, and for the sake of your team, it is ok to spend time in celebration of your success.

Don't rest for forever, because there will be work to be done, but it might not need to be done RIGHT NOW. Take a break, dive deep into the feeling of gratitude. Thank everyone for their work - and then help yourself to another slice of pie.

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