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Monday Motivation

Welcome to a new day. For many of us, it might feel just like yesterday, or last week. Social distancing has a way of making the days blur together.

So does our normal life, only it's a little more subtle. Meetings, reports, presentations, emails, soccer practices, pizza delivery, oil changes. The next thing you know, another year has passed.

Remember back in January? Setting a resolution that this year was going to be our year? 2020 was a new decade - and it was going to be a great one. Nobody foresaw what was to come. Covid-19 & Tiger King should be proof enough for that.

2020 can still be extraordinary. While there is so much in our lives right now that is out of our control, there are two critical elements that are: your attitude and your activity. This could be the worst time in your life or one of the best - depending on your focus and what you do with the time.

Write a book. Train for a marathon. Start a business. Learn a new language. Chances are, you now have a surplus of time - so the only thing standing in the way at this point are distractions and excuses.

If you are reading our blog (thank you, BTW), chances are you are one of the people we call riveters - the people who hold everything together in their company and the lives of the people around them. We know that there is no small amount of stress that comes with that. Make sure you are taking care of yourself as well as those around you and the business at hand.

If you need help - finding a new job, hiring the right people for your team, or charting a new course in life towards the direction you want it to be, let us know. We can help.

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