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How Dare You

(Trigger warning: MASSIVE GUILT TRIP AHEAD...and some minor swearing)

Did you wake up with a plan decide to give your best strive to be the best version of yourself you can possibly be? To make everyone around you better? To shrug off obstacles? To minimize distractions? To feed your body, mind and soul with the best fuel you can afford? Are you striving for greatness?

If the answer is no, I have just one question:


Think of all the people who brought you this far - family, friends, teachers, bosses, mentors, employees. This entire community of people who are out there, rooting for you.

Think of the billions of people out there who would give ANYTHING to have the gifts you have. To have the opportunities you have been given.

Think of the people fighting for their lives - through hunger, illness, or addiction, who would give anything to have just one day like today.

The day that you have before you. The day you decided was ok to j


Stop going through the motions.

Stop making excuses.

Stop with the ifs, buts, or somedays.

I know you are busy. We are all busy. Everyone is busy. Life is built around busy. Turn off the tv. Put down the phone.

You have all the skills, brains, experience, time and resources to be exceptional. You might not know where you are going, but know where you are is not where you want to be. That's OK.

Circle today on the calendar. I want you to remember today for the rest of your life. Today is the day you finally said, "Enough is enough..." and started taking the steps that changed your life.

Find help and advice along the way if you need it. If part of your journey is finding a new job, we can help with that part. Let us know.

The Rivet Group is a recruiting firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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