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Make Every Day Count

Many of us are still firmly in the grip of the pandemic Ground Hog Day scenario - with many offices delaying returns to "normal" in-person operations in 2022, after close to two years of working remotely.

The temptation is to lose sight on the importance of each day, when each day seems very much like the one before it. Especially if the only one holding you accountable for many things in your life is you. Each day can seem unimportant, with little consequences. When you stack the days together, however into weeks, or months, or at this point, years, they add up.

It can take some brutal self-honesty sometimes.

Did you fuel your body with the right foods? I get that sometimes the day as been more than enough to handle, and calling out for pizza is all you can manage. But doing that every day will have consequences in the long term, for your health and your abilities.

Did you fuel your brain with the right foods? Did you read anything meaningful today? Something that makes you smarter, better at your job or life? Did you spend any time writing or planning, in prayer or meditation? Or did you choose to play the same episodes of that tv show you've seen three times, or scrolling through one social app or another?

Did you do the work you need to do to be successful at your job? Or did you put off to tomorrow what could have been done today?

Did you make that one extra call to someone you've been meaning to reconnect with? Or maybe just text? Or not at all?

Whether it's choosing the food we eat, the information we consume, the people with interact with, or how we react to the world around us. Greatness is rarely created in a few moments. It's built over time, with every small decision adding up. The results of today might not be realized for years, or decades even, but they will.

Have faith.

Do the right thing.

Make today count.

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