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Kick(start) the Habit

There are good habits like exercise.

Bad habits, like not getting enough sleep or worse, addictions.

Some are conscious efforts (like eating kale, ugh) or unconscious, like checking your phone whenever you get 10 seconds of downtime.

Some are great no matter what (like being kind) some are bad no matter what (like smoking) - and everything else falls into an "all things in moderation" category. Coffee, sleep, exercise, vitamins, are good for you in appropriate doses, but can be detrimental if overdone.

In the end, we are made up of habits and routines. Some lead to great places, and some to bad. The same with the people we interact with on a daily basis. Coworkers, neighbors, family, and friends amplify us in either positive or negative ways.

If you are the writer, director and producer of your own life story, it's up to you to choose the cast around you and how the story unfolds.

Do you choose to surround yourself with people and build habits that make you the best version of yourself? Or the ones that amplify the worst in you? Do you stay in a toxic workplace because you need the money? Or do you find a better place to give your work to? Do you make changes to your lifestyle so you can afford to do a job you love but does not pay as much?

It's up to you. Choose wisely.

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