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Monday Motivation

I would like to try surfing one day. As a kid growing up in the mountains, there has not been much opportunity to try it. But it looks like a sport I would like. Every wave is a new opportunity.

Hard-core surfers are a dedicated lot. They are always in search of the perfect wave. They tend to drop everything when the surf is up and head out. They endure the cold, the wipeouts, the isolation and competition to be on the water when that wave comes. They can only hope they will be ready.

We all have perfect waves to chase - whether it's professional success or accolades, degrees to earn, books to get published, children to launch into the world. One thing is certain, the waves will not find you if you are sitting on the couch watching tv.

Suit up. Head out. Stand up. Fall down. Get up again.

Every day is an opportunity to chase the perfect wave. It might not come today. Or next week. Or in ten years. But if you put in the work, when it does come, you'll be ready.

The Rivet Group is an executive search, consulting, and coaching firm dedicated to helping professionals achieve their potential and help companies hire and retain those professionals.

If you would like to help chasing that perfect wave, we can help (metaphorically speaking).

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