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Monday Motivation

I often get asked for advice on "the best time to..." find a job, start graduate school, change careers, start a business, ask for a raise, or other career-altering situations.

Take graduate school - the optimal time for most is a few years after getting an undergraduate degree. A few years' of work experience tends to add more depth to the next level in their education, but it is still not as difficult to put a career, or family, on hold and go back to school as it would be later in life.

But here's the thing - the best time for you might be years after the right time for others. Or maybe with the benefit of hindsight the optimal time for something might have been twenty years ago.

That does not mean you have missed your chance and should not start what you want to do.

Find a new job, ask for that raise, start a side-hustle, go back to school, find a book club, sign up for a marathon, explore a new hobby or restart one you have not done in a while. Is now the right time? You'll never know the answer unless you start now.

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