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Monday Motivation

Do you believe in miracles? YES!

The "Miracle on Ice" wasn't just a story of underdogs miraculously beating a much more talented and experienced team. They created their miracle one day at a time.

Team USA won that night because they had been preparing for that game every single day since the team was put together the summer before.

All the elements of success were there: a baseline of talented players, superb conditioning, outstanding coaching, perseverance, a team (not just a bunch of individual all-stars) with a common goal and a desire and belief that they could win.

They were not the most talented team on the ice that night. They were the most prepared. And when the opportunity came to be exceptional, they took it.

The lesson we can learn is that we control so much more success than we realize. Hard work, grit, dedication, and believing in yourself. All things we control. You might not be the smartest or the most talented. But nobody can stop you from out-hustling everyone else. Success is yours for the taking.

At The Rivet Group, we help companies build exceptional teams by recruiting the right talent for them. If you are building a team, we can help. If you are ready for a new team yourself, we can help. If you need some coaching on how you can get to the next level, we can help. We are ready to hear from you.

Until then, be riveting.

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