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Monday Motivation

Starting a company. Finding a better job. Getting back in shape. Maybe you have some other plans for what you want to do in the future. Maybe you think now is not the best time to make too many changes in your life. I can relate - there is a lot of noise in the world.

I can remember the last recession. It was scary - with a large dose of panic. A lot of people lost their jobs and homes and (at least temporarily) their 401k. But amidst the wreckage, people were still moving forward. Companies like Credit Karma, Square, Slack, Venmo, Uber, and Instagram got started back then. It's not all unicorns though. A former candidate of mine lost his job and started a brewery. A former coworker voluntarily left his corporate job to start his own consulting company.

Which brings us to today. There is no "perfect time" waiting for you someday in the future. How would you recognize it when it comes, anyway? Better get started just in case. #riveting

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