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Monday Motivation

Growing up in Colorado, I summited many of the state's 14ers - mountains with a summit over fourteen thousand feet above sea level. To avoid getting stuck above timberline in afternoon thunderstorms, I'd often have to start the ascent before dawn. It would be winter-jacket cold, even in summer. The trail would go up, and up, for miles. Legs and lungs would burn. Progress was slow - to the point it was barely perceptible. Then I'd stop to catch my breath, and turn around and see where we started, way below. Looking ahead, you could rarely see the summit - just the trail ahead - and often not even that, when the clouds rolled in.

After continuing for hours (often getting scolded by pika and eyeballed by curious marmot, occasionally crossing the path of a mountain goat) - we'd reach the summit. All around and the most amazing panorama. We'd sign the log (usually in a pvc tube on the summit) eat a snack, take a picture, and start the journey back down.

Our own journeys are like that - whether it's building a business, a career, a family, or just getting back into the gym.

We often have to look down right in front of us - as the footing is unsure. Most days, in fact. It can be impossible to see the goal in front of you. It will be hard - like the first day in the gym, or at a new job or school. Going with others makes it easier, but nobody can take the steps for you.

Have faith. Sooner or later you will get to the summit. The views will be spectacular and the journey will forever change you.

Here's the thing - you cannot stay on the summit forever. The trick is to find other mountains to climb. Keep going. We believe in you.

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