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Monday Motivation

Iron sharpens iron. Absolutely correct.

If you are an athlete - one of the best ways to get better is to compete against opponents better than you. It doesn't matter the sport - whether tennis, boxing, soccer, or triathlons. Practice with or against athletes that are bigger, stronger, taller, heavier, or faster than you. Your game will improve better than consistently under-challenging yourself with weaker opponents.

As professionals, we can do work to be the best that we can be by consistently challenging ourselves. Ask for bigger projects. Take on more difficult tasks. Surround yourself with a team that continually pushes you to be your best, not coast through the day.

Your work ethic and habits will generally reflect those around you. Do you have teammates that will get up early and push hard through every workout or do they go through the motions because it's "only practice." Do your co-workers make you proud to be on their team? Or do you have co-workers that stop being productive and start distracting you? Life is too short to just go through the motions.

We all have places we want to go in our life. People we want to become. If your team is not continually forcing you to keep the keenest edge you can achieve, find a new team. Likewise, ask yourself if you are doing all you can to make the people around you the best version of themselves.

Iron sharpens iron.

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