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Monday Motivation

Have you ever met an Olympian? They are extraordinary people. In Greek mythology, the Olympians were literally gods - set apart from the rest of us. In the modern context, they are exceptional athletes, competing at the highest level in the world. Most are blessed with the physical tools to excel at the highest level. Michael Phelps has long arms, big feet, and his body produces less lactic acid than most. He was built to be a swimmer. Simone Biles is compact, incredibly strong, and has uncanny proprioception. All the tools a gymnast needs to be successful.

The world is full of people with extraordinary talents - physical or otherwise, that never amounted to much. Such is usually the case with talents without the desire to achieve greatness. Especially at the highest levels, where every other competitor is also exceptionally talented. When everyone is talented , victory comes down to planning, preparation, and putting in the work.

Olympians are blessed to have ample amounts of two things we all can have - motivation and discipline. The first, motivation, is the desire for greatness - be the best they can possibly be. It starts with the fundamental belief in themselves and what they can accomplish. A decision to do.

The second part, discipline, comes into play when motivation wanes. Discipline is what gets athletes into the gym, the pool, the track, on the days when they absolutely would rather sleep in. Discipline is sticking to a plan, despite discomfort, pain, and competing desires.

While most of us will never have the honor of being an Olympian, we can train like one - and find the same motivation and discipline in everything we do. Whether it's running your first 5k, working to be the parent you know you can be, or achieving mastery in your profession.

We stumble. We fall. But we get back up and try again. If you are reading this, you already have what it takes. Start with the decision that today is the day. Then get started. Plan. Put in the work.

If you need help, get help. Get a coach, a trainer, a support group, a mentor. If we can help, let us know. Thanks for reading and be riveting.

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